Subsea Construction Duties

Sub Aqua Diving Services (UK) Ltd offer dive support for all sub-sea endeavours. SADS have successfuly completed the installation of J-tube assembly's, external bell mouths, anode bracelet assembly and a number of other subsea construction tasks. All SADS divers are greatly experienced in the subsea construction techniques required for the construction of a new offshore wind farm. 

The subsea construction tasks completed have been extensive, listed below are some of the duties successfully completed by SADS,

  • External J-tube Installation
  • Bell Mouth Installation
  • Brattberg Seal Tighteneing
  • Anode Bracelet Installations
  • Hydro Tightening
  • Cable Pull Assistance
  • ROV Malfunction Intervention
  • Cutting/Reinstating Messenger Wire
  • Uraduct Installation
  • Bend Restriction Installation
  • Rock Placement
  • Scour Protection
  • Mud/Sand/Silt Removal
  • Mattressing
  • Cable Armour Repair 

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